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par Remi Gervais - 23 février 2013

Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon

Equipe :
Olfaction : du Codage à la Mémoire

Thématique :
Neurobiologie des émotions
et de la mémoire olfactives


Publications :

  • Hegoburu C., Sevelinges Y., Thévenet M., Gervais R., Parrot S. & Mouly AM. Differential dynamics of amino acid release in the amygdala and olfactory cortex during odor fear acquisition as revealed with simultaneous high temporal resolution microdialysis. Learn Mem. 2009, 16(11):687-97    Cover

  • Chapuis J., Garcia S., Messaoudi B., Thevenet M., Ferreira G., Gervais R. & Ravel N. The way an odor is experienced during aversive conditioning determines the extent of the network recruited during retrieval : a multisite electrophysiological study in rats. J Neurosci., 2009, 29(33):10287-98.

  • Vialatte F., Quenet B, Dubois R., Martin C., Gervais R. & Dreyfus G. A machine learning approach to the analysis of time-frequency maps. Application to the study of neural dynamics. Neural Networks, 2007, 20(2):194-209.

  • Sevelinges Y., Moriceau S., Holman P, Miner C., Muzny K., Gervais R., Mouly A.M. & Sullivan R.M. Enduring effects of infant memories : Infant odor-shock conditioning attenuates amygdala activity and adult fear conditioning. Biol. Psychiatry, 2007, 62(10):1070-1079.     Cover

  • Vialatte F., Cichocki A., Dreyfus G., Musha T., Shishkin S.L. & Gervais R. Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease by Blind Source Separation : Time Frequency Representation, and Bump Modeling of EEG Signals. International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN), 2005, 23-31 (selected paper).

  • Martin C., Gervais R., Hugues E., Messaoudi B & Ravel N. Learning modulation of odor-induced oscillatory responses in the rat olfactory bulb : A correlate of odor recognition ? J. of Neuroscience, 2004, 24:389-397.

  • Sevelinges Y., Gervais R., Messaoudi B, Granjon L. & Mouly A.M. Olfactory fear conditioning induces field potential potentiation in rat olfactory cortex and amygdala. Learning and Memory, 2004, 11:761-769.

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