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par David Meunier - 12 mars 2013

David Meunier

Post-doc LabEx CORTEX

E-mail address : David.Meunier[at]inserm.fr
Telephone : +33 (0)4 37 28 74 96
Address : Université Claude-Bernard Lyon1
50 avenue Tony garnier
69366 LYON Cedex 07 France

Research Interests

I have completed in October 2007 a PhD in Cognitive science under the direction of Pr. Helene Paugam-Moisy in Lyon (France), first at the Institut des Sciences Cognitives (ISC, UMR CNRS 5015), then at the Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d’information (LIRIS, UMR CNRS 5205).

My PhD involved the study of emergent properties of spiking neural networks constraint by artificial evolution. I have used and extended tools used to study neuronal dynamics at various level (time-frequency diagrams, auto- and cross-correlogramms), as well as complex network tools to study small-world and modularity properties.

I have then moved to the Brain Mapping Unit (Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge) for a post-doc (2007-2010) with Pr. Ed Bullmore. I have been working on applying complex network tools, in particular modularity and hierarchical modularity, to resting-state functional MRI data.

I have worked at the Centre for Speech, Language and the Brain (Dept. of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge) in 2010-2011, and my research focused on development of new methods in task-related functional MRI for the application of complex network tools (small-world properties, modularity) in the context of psycholinguistic experiments.

I have worked in the TAO team in LRI in 2011-2012 , and my research here focuses on development of new machine learning methods for signal processing in robotics and functional MRI.

I am now working on functional connectivity tools for odor recognition with Jean-Pierre Royet , in the context of the LabEX CORTEX.


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International journal articles

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National journal articles

Meunier, D., Paugam-Moisy, H. (2005) Simulation d’un protocole d’amorçage intermodal sur un réseau de neurones impulsionnels. Revue d’Intelligence Artificielle, 19(1-2):375-388

International conferences (oral presentation) :

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International conferences (poster) :

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National conferences :

Meunier, D., Martinez, R., Paugam-Moisy, H. (2006) Assemblées Temporelles dans les Réseaux de Neurones Impulsionels. NeuroComp’06, 1ère de conférence française de neurosciences computationnelles, 187-190, Pont-à-Mousson, France.

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Book chapters :

Meunier, D. (2009) Intelligence artificielle et évolution : modélisation neurobiologique. In Van der Henst, J.-B. and Mercier, H. Darwin en tête ! L’Évolution et les sciences cognitives. 253-274. Grenoble, France : Presses Universitaires de Grenoble.

Invited talks :

Meunier, D. (2011) Mapping complex brain networks using graph theory. ESMRMB 2011 European Symposium on Magnetic Resonance for Medecine and Biology. Mini-categorical course ``Image Clustering and Segmentation - Brain’’, Leipzig, Germany