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par Philippe Litaudon - 15 mars 2013

Philippe Litaudon
Chargé de recherche 1ère Classe CNRS

Bureau : 101
Téléphone : + 33 (0)4 37 28 74 61
Fax : +33 (0)4 37 28 76 01
e-mail : Philippe.Litaudon[at]cnrs.fr


Research interests


How odor information is encoded in central olfactory structure is still under debate. Several studies have highlighted the presence of an olfactory chemotopic coding system in the mammalian olfactory bulb (OB). Hence, in the OB, the identity of odorants is associated with a unique spatial activity map. In addition to this spatial coding, olfactory information processing is also based upon dynamic mechanisms. First, in mammals, the respiration cycle itself provides the mechanism for odor stimuli sampling and modulates both local field potential (LFP) signals and unitary activities. Second, different fast oscillatory regimes (beta, gamma) exist in a prominent way and particularly appear with the same frequency ranges both in anesthetized and awake rodent.

My current works deal with this general question by combining, in rodents, imaging approaches (optical imaging, fMRI, µPET) and electrophysiological methods. First, I would like to study how and where the different odor features (quality, complexity, intensity, behavioral meaning) are encoded in the different central olfactory structures. Second, I aim at deciphering how fast oscillatory rhythms combined with the slow sampling dynamics of olfactory stimuli participate in information processing and mediate information transfer across brain regions.