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Biographical note

par Camille Ferdenzi-Lemaitre, camille.ferdenzi-lemaitre - 2 octobre 2013


Current position

Researcher / CR2 CNRS
Previous experiences

2013/17 Researcher in Neurosciences (CRNL, Lyon, France) with Moustafa Bensafi. Funded by ANR Retour Postdoc. Topics : (1) role of human odors in social interactions, (2) variability in affective responses to odors as a function of cognitive factors and exposure.

2009/13 – Post-doc in Affective Sciences (CISA, University of Geneva, Switzerland) with David Sander. Funded by (1) Swiss National Science Foundation, (2) Firmenich SA. Topics : (1) olfactory, facial and vocal aspects of human attractiveness, (2) cultural and inter-individual variability in odor-related emotions.
2007/8 – Post-doc in Evolutionary Psychology (University of Liverpool, England) with Craig Roberts. Funded by Fondation Fyssen. Topic : body odor perception and human attractiveness.
2007 – PhD in Food Sciences (Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France) with Benoist Schaal & Valérie Camos. Funded by Ministère de la Recherche. Topic : variability in olfactory behaviors and abilities in children.
2002 – Master in Food Sciences (Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France) with Dominique Valentin. Topic : cultural variability in odor memory and identification.
2001 – Food Engineer (INSFA, Rennes, France).