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par Anne-Marie Mouly - 27 janvier 2014

Anne Marie Mouly

Bureau : 213
Téléphone : + 33 (0)4 37 28 74 93
Fax : +33 (0)4 37 28 76 01
e-mail : annemarie.mouly[at]cnrs.fr

Research interests

The main focus of interest of my research work concerns the investigation of the neural networks involved in emotional olfactory memory, using odor fear conditioning in rats as a model. More specifically, we are studying the respective role of the amygdala and sensory cortical areas in the long-term memory of this learning, focusing on the temporal dynamics of their involvement during conditioning. For this we are using intra-cerebral microdialysis, pharmacology and electrophysiological recordings, in awake behaving or anesthetized rats.

A second axis of my research deals with the long-lasting effects of neonatal olfactory emotional memories on adult emotionality and cognitive abilities.

Finally, we recently started to investigate the neural circuits involved in time encoding in odor fear conditioning, for which we have developed an original experimental setup allowing fine-grain analysis of the animals’ physiological (respiration and ultrasonic vocalizations) and behavioral responses.