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Equipe CMO (N.Ravel, N.Buonviso)

par Jane Plailly, Nicolas Fourcaud-Trocme, Philippe Litaudon - 14 novembre 2012

Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon

 Team :
Coding and Memory in Olfaction

Overview :

Our team has handed a rich legacy of the deep expertise and know-how of the first olfaction laboratory founded in the seventies ; the latter having established the basis of the olfactory coding operating mechanisms at the first two stages of the system. Our expertise is particularly recognized for unitary recordings of receptor cells, for works on olfaction/respiration relation, and for works on olfactory memory function and cognition through human and behaving animal. With the benefit of internationally recognized results, our current team’s researches take place in an evolving and diversifying strategy. Indeed, the researches still include fundamental olfactory coding issue but, now by using complex odorants in our strong wish to approach more ecologic conditions. In addition, our team tackles the operating dynamics of neural networks in the information processes and memory. In our new project, efforts will be made to investigate these questions by means of complementary techniques including electrophysiological recordings (single cell intra- and extracellular, local field potentials, sEEG) as well as imaging methods (optical recordings, calcium imaging, fMRI). Finally, our ambition is to take advantage of our multi-disciplinary nature to explore how odors are integrated as a function of internal state and how olfaction is involved in food intake in normal and pathological eating behaviors. We point out that the olfactory system is used both for its own sake but also as a fertile source for tackling more general neurophysiological issues.


Research axes :

1 - Coding of an odorant mixture

2 - Neural dynamics and information representations

3 - Neural bases of olfactory experience

4 - Modulation of olfactory processing in normal and pathological eating behaviors


Member list




Philippe, Damien, Alexandra, Jean-Pierre, Nathalie, Patricia, Nadine, Nicola, Belkacem
Marc, Lise, Laura, Karyn, Barbara, Rémi, Anne-Marie, Nicolas
Anna, Anne-Lise, Julie, David, Brigitte, Jane